Work Injury


About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is beneficial for those suffering from work-related injuries and pain. With natural methods like spinal manipulation, which is a hands-on technique used for body realignment and restoring mobility, our treatments are known to get you back to work faster than other treatments, such as medical care or prescription medications.


Stephenson Chiropractic Center aims to provide quality care that relieves your pain and minimizes your time away from work. We know the importance of treatments specialized to your injuries to reduce your pain and recovery time.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Compensation is just one benefit of chiropractic care after a work injury. Our non-invasive, natural methods help you heal faster, so you can get back to work faster. Our personalized treatments can correct your body’s alignment, get joints working normally, relieve nerve compression, and help your body recover more quickly and with less pain.

Stephenson Chiropractic Center’s drug-free treatments and approach to relieving pain allows you to get back to work quickly, with a clear head and sharp reflexes.


A work injury chiropractor can document your injuries for fair compensation.

Faster Recovery

The faster you recover after a work injury, the faster you can get back to work.

No Medication

Our work injury chiropractors provide drug-free pain relief after a work injury.


Why Choose Us?

When our chiropractors are treating work injuries, they are focused on two main goals, which include relieving your pain and getting you back to work quickly. We also try to educate you in body mechanics to help prevent your injury from happening again. Your body’s health is critical to your livelihood, so it’s important to protect it from injuries and pain.

If you have a work-related injury, visit Stephenson Chiropractic Center to diagnose your injuries so you get compensated. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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